Monthly Community Update -- March 2021

Hi all,

This is the latest in our series of monthly community updates. You can read last month’s update here.

Emmanuel and I have been a little out of the loop this month: both of us welcomed baby girls into our families! We swear we didn’t coordinate the timing. Anyway, for almost all of February, one or the other of us has been out or working part time (I won’t be fully back til mid-March). So this was a good stress test of the team’s ability to run on its own, and I would say we passed with flying colors. Important projects got shipped, the level of service we delivered remained consistent with past months, and our day-to-day operations continued smoothly. Given that we’re now a 36 person company, that’s to be expected, but it still highlights how much has changed at Bubble over the last year. We’re both very happy watching the Bubble team and our new babies grow!

Changes we made this month

This was an exciting month: several things we’ve been working on for a long time finally went live! Highlights include:

In addition to the big project completions, we’ve been busy on a number of other fronts:

On the team front, we’re excited to welcome two new people, Lexi who is joining us as a designer, and Vincent who is joining our Growth team!

This month in numbers

  • Total number of conversations via bug reports or 4,816 (up 2.4%)

  • Total received messages: 7,833 (up 0.4%)

  • Average response time to messages: (2h 34m during business hours, down 25%)

  • Time to resolve bug reports escalated to the engineering team: the average lifespan of open bugs and bugs resolved in the last month is 6.7 days (up from 6.3)

Things on our minds

Reliability of the platform is still a major focus for us. We had a big win this month with the release of the Scheduled tier, which is exciting. We also had some more downtime caused by bugs introduced while working on this project: it’s been an extremely sensitive project since it touches our core logic around orchestrating servers, so any test case we miss can lead to a full system outage. Fortunately, the work here is mostly wrapped up, so this project should hopefully turn into a net reliability benefit rather than detriment from now on.

Speaking of improvement projects causing temporary reliability setbacks, we’ve had some issues with Dedicated environments over the last couple weeks due to work on our new asset management system. We’ve been in the final phases of rolling it out (which will let us, finally, go back to working on improving version control, which is still very buggy as a feature), and there’s been a few interactions between how that system works and how Dedicated environments are set up. We have some ideas to address the root cause of this that we’ll probably start work on later this month.

Another area we’ve been dealing with reliability challenges is our Rich Text Editor plugin. Rich text editing is a much harder problem than it looks on the surface, because we have to translate between the editor format and the format we store data internally in Bubble (we use bbcode behind the scenes as a security measure to prevent XSS attacks). We’ve had a steady stream of bug reports with our editor plugin, and have been looking into ways of improving the translation layer to make the feature much more stable.

What we’re currently working on

New initiatives:

  • We are working on a replacement for our SelectPDF plugin. We would like to bring PDF generation in-house with a Bubble-built solution in order for us to fix some of the issues people have with it, and upgrade to a modern rendering engine. This is also an opportunity for us to build out some supporting infrastructure that will let us build certain kinds of microservices more efficiently in the future.

  • We’re making some changes to the way we manage data about setting up custom domains that will make it easier and faster for us to debug issues that come up when a user points a custom domain at Bubble

  • We’re working on improving our internal alerting and log management to help us detect and respond to bugs and issues faster.

  • We’re working on adding more features to the v3 API of our Stripe plugin. Stripe is making changes on their end that will limit the ability to save and charge credit cards in version 2, so we want to make sure there’s a clean migration path onto version 3 for plugin users.

Updates on our ongoing initiatives:

  • We’re adding two new bootcamp programs, one aimed at Bubble newbies who want to develop general development skills without having a specific product in mind, and one aimed at experienced Bubble users who want to build apps for a living. We have the descriptions of the new programs up on our website, and are hoping to open bookings shortly.

  • We’re working on a small set of features around keyboard and mouse handling to make it easier to build game-like or interactive UIs that rely on mouse or keyboard input. This should be going live in the next week or two.

  • We’re changing the backend used for the Logs → Server Logs tab of the editor. We’ve built out the new backend and are now testing and refining it.

  • Our responsive overhaul continues: we finished building the new set of responsive controls, and are now polishing the design to make sure the UX is friendly.

  • Moving more of our asset-building to the new system: we’ve finished building all the new asset generation code, and are now just working through a final set of bugs before we’re ready to move on to work on version control.

  • The complete redesign of our editor is now on the second round of internal QA: we fixed all the issues identified in the first round, and are now working on a list of issues from the second round.

  • Hiring: we are actively looking for roles across all aspects of the business. In particular, we’re looking for an EU-based person with previous Bubble experience to join the Success team: if that describes you and you’d like a job with us, please apply!

Here’s to a happy and productive March,

Josh and Emmanuel


Congratulations! :baby: :baby_bottle:


Congrats @josh and @emmanuel! :baby_bottle:

Super big change, but I think we’ll start seeing benefits to it soon! :eyes:

Yay! Thanks so much! Emmanual was quick to respond and get this added, game changer!

Definitely noticed this a few days ago! Got a response from support within 1-2 minutes of sending an email :blush: Thanks @Andrew.Vernon for being so quick!

I can’t wait for this!!! A game changer and wouldn’t have to rely on more third-party software

Yes!!! I can’t wait for this. Hope that there’s going to be a option to add Promo Codes :eyes: :pray:

Can’t wait for see where this goes! Would definitely look forward to a new editor :eyes:

Thanks for much for the update!


Congratulations on your babies!!!

Excited for all of the updates. In particular with improving PDF creation!



Please don’t forget the plugin editor when improving the microservices part :relieved:

And about the rest of the stuff: Great! :blush:


Awesome, thanks, @Bubble :grinning: :computer:

Congrats @emmanuel and @josh!!! :balloon::tada::champagne::confetti_ball: New baby girls, the future Bubblers!

Looking forward to this! This will be great for all of the businesses that rely heavily on PDFs. Can’t wait to use it. Hope it will be available on all plans.

Phew :sweat_smile: Thanks you guys! So glad I don’t have to worry about this sort of thing. That’s why I love using the Bubble plugin. You always make it easy to use as well as updated and secure.

Cool! I hope it will have the virtual joystick :joystick: type element. That would be awesome!

Yes! This is a huge task. We really need it though.

Thanks for all your hard work everyone on the @Bubble team!


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Super excited about this! As you say SelectPDF has loads of issues.

This one also!

Thanks a lot @josh and all the Bubble team.

Have a great day!

Yes - Major for us and our clients using Stripe V3! Good to hear.

Hopefully this includes “right click” handling - Been on Bubble for a long time and just realized there wasn’t a way to do this without a plugin…

Congratulations, @josh and @emmanuel, and great job, @Bubble team, with the updates! Really interested in the new Editor and Responsive experience.

Any chance there will be a “sneak peek” of what is in store prior to the release? Working on a new project and want to plan my development energies accordingly.

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  • Our responsive overhaul continues: we finished building the new set of responsive controls, and are now polishing the design to make sure the UX is friendly.

Is there an ETA for the release of this?


Congratulations on the babies and on moving so many things forward.

I appreciate your transparency. These all look like wonderful and necessary changes and updates. Do you happen to have a customer-facing roadmap posted somewhere? It would be helpful to see high-level info on things that are coming out associated with timelines.

Great job! High fives all around!

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Congrats! Thank you for the update. I am really looking forward to seeing the projects that come out of Immerse. Really exciting stuff.

Hello @josh ,

Is there any timeline for this?

Just so we can plan ahead the change.

Thanks a lot.

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Congratulations! Much obliged to you for the update. I’m truly anticipating seeing the undertakings that emerge from Immerse. Truly energizing stuff.

@josh is there even an approx ETA or general ballpark for the responsive overhaul?


@josh Good news on the PDF side. Can you guys please give csv some love as well? The single table / large row count limitations are a real pain.