More context on our changes to pricing

I said this. Make it make sense, @johnny.


Oh thank god, I thought you were gonna be like “guys just optimize your apps like real devs”

It’s like someone forgot a 0 (or a few) where they pick how much a WU is worth


Good to add in Bubble’s ideaboard

You came with receipts :receipt: :rofl::skull:


So your price is increasing about $200 bucks from my rough math?

I here link a post I made 1 year ago for the last pricing update. One of my most liked posts and as pointed out by many above, still a timely critique.

"Sometimes some back of the envelope math (how will 10 production plan apps that use us since 2 years fare) might help.

Eg at age 25 I would buy Lionel Messi for 100M but 200 Million, 1 Billion?
A factor 10 price increase is not something to take lightly. Even 2x radically changes margins of any business."

Unlike in my last interview, i have now had a chance to see many other people’s app statistics.
Whereas pricing based on capacity is ok, as soon as average apps have more than 100 active users, it looks to me they have to pay 500-2k a month. in many cases that is 4-8x more than before. Not 2x more, which is already a lot but still reasonable.
That is too extreme and leaves a very big markup per MU you are making.

AWS or Cloudflare, or also Paypal and Stripe or even Walmart are all volume businesses but the pricing you have chosen per WU looks to be that of luxury clothes brand not of a volume business.

My ask: Every plan gets 2x as many workflow units as outlined above.

edit: based on tests below revise to 10X


Yeah, this needs to be an add-on.

Yeah, I think 2x workflow units, or a decrease to how much each workflow/search contributes would pretty much calm all my concerns.

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It’s absolutely bonkers, @tylerboodman. I’m not familiar with the pricing yet, but if this puny, ramen-profitable app is a $1000/month app on Bubble then someone’s just… I dunno… not very good at math or something?

And I am looking at those workflows like a “real dev”. What, exactly am I supposed to do if I want to hold that data in my app? Of course, I could sort of do this all in the page if I don’t care about exposing the key for my API call (but of course I do).

And I guess that I don’t need to continually copy the list of subs to the list of subs on the listing, but that’s not even what Bubble is trying to charge me for.

Further to my previous long post, here are my workflow runs and my database size. In case you think that these parsed iCal datapoints are gigantic or something, note that my entire database is less than 1 Gigabyte:

@emmanuel make this make sense. Again, the data processing part of my app doesn’t even run on Bubble and costs me 3 cents per month. :man_shrugging:


Diving deeper into analytics I also found some strange stuff here. That’s one of my app - it’s a simple front page with CMS. Nothing fancy.



So most of my usage is done by ufo-stuff - deleted pages / invalid names and Wordpress-like named ghost pages :D?

I’ve asked bubble for support on this. On my other app I have the same situation.

Now I’m thinking - wheter that’s a bot / scan for which I will have to pay ? or waaat?



Same here. Once I drill down on the pageload workload usage, I get lots of weird stuff I haven’t seen or used in Bubble ever before:

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I don’t think so, @rosshelton. The "WU"s on the team plan are 500,000. Bubble says that my app is consuming 3.4x of that amount each month in WUs. So, is that $399 times 3?

$1200 per month for something that doesn’t even register on Google’s side.

Seems weird. Looking into it.

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You think with a $100M Series A they would be better at doing math :joy:


The API connector has always been available on the free plans (it’s just a plug-in after all)…

So you’ve always been able to connect to external apps on the free plan.

What hasn’t been available, and still won’t be (understandably) is access to the Bubble API.


My app that consumed a max of 50% capacity on personal plan would now consume this workload monthly:


This is more than 50% of workload tier 5 ($1,499 month)!

So, in my app’s case: Personal plan ($29 month) ≈ Workload Tier 5. ($1,499 month)

My app is 90% backend workflows handling data and api integrations, since it is a chatbot that uses WhatsApp to share data that was uploaded through the web app.

Important fact: my app is not even live yet! This 11m workloads I have consumed only by running tests as a single user. I can’t imagine the workload consumption if it had multiple live users. I’ve done lots of optimizations that improved my capacity usage. However, even if I manage to do the mentioned “new” optimizations, I don’t think this pricing will ever be viable.

I think that Bubble should find a way to collect this valuable feedback from users before launching there new pricing models and even before building them. Probably they did, as they have proven to be feedback oriented in the past, but clearly they did not asked to enough people with enough different app types or they are just choosing to ignore those people with those app types, like myself. I really hope they can change this.

Suggestion for the Bubble team: Find the answer to this question for each one of the apps in bubble: “How much will the bill increase for this app comparing the previous pricing to the new one?”.
That’s the true purest customer empathy question that you need to ask yourself when changing the pricing structure. You can even do that programmatically. Then, find a solution for excessive increases.

I believe that auto scaling and not just killing workflows because of capacity limitations is very important and I love it, but the new pricing structure should definitely be reviewed.

As someone who has been building in bubble full time and recommending it to almost everyone I know for the past 3.5 years, THIS IS A VERY SAD MOMENT AND I HOPE YOU CAN LISTEN TO US AND FIND A SOLUTION.


You are currently paying about $130 on professional correct?

If you needed to get to 1.713 million monthly Work Loads the price below should get you a price.

So you would choose the following.
Growth plan ($134) + Tier 2 ($99)(This gets you to 1m workloads) + Overages ($105) (750k over at 14 cents per 1,000 workloads)


As one of these “fanboys” you are referring to, you’re wrong.

Personally, I’m just saying everyone is freaking out too soon. This is 18 months away, and gives plenty of time to figure out how these WUs work. I’m sure Bubble team will look at these and potentially re-evaluate WUs. Forgive me for having a little faith in the team of people who built the product, to begin with.

Personally, I just agree that a price increase is much needed for Bubble. They provide a powerful tool, more so than really any competitor, and haven’t upped prices in 3 years, while still building and upgrading their systems, and hiring more and more staff. They have overhead too.

Keith, and every comment really after, did a good job explaining, at least to me, how this raises issues. Almost every other post before that complaining was just saying “omg run from bubble end of the world doomsday” - Not quite constructive feedback. The last hour or so though, seems to be a great conversation, and one that’s needed.

After reading the more well-versed and put together arguments, I have to agree that some more considerations should really be made by the Bubble team. They did get community feedback from a select group of individuals from what I understand, but after reading responses here, perhaps that should’ve been a bit more open.

I just wanted to respond to the comment about us “fan-boys” - Which I would gladly call myself a part of. I’d prefer the term supporter though, for future reference :ok_hand::joy:


No Brazil você simplesmente acabou com o bubble, uma pena. Tenho varios apps no bubble nenhum conseguira se pagar. Vamos ver se no fluter da certo. fui Bubble.


I’m not comfortable with the amount of people saying, “You have 18 months to optimize your app” Or “Get with bubble on optimization.”

A good/decent programmer will (or at least, should) focus on Optimization. Unless your app had to be finished in record time, I highly doubt all of the app showcased here are built janky as heck with tons of optimizations needed.

I’ve spent a lot of time since my first post combing through my app to see if there is any fat I can trim off, but at this point I would be trimming functionality which is the very last thing I want to do at this point. My app has never exceeded 5% CPU usage in it’s current state, so It blows my mind that I, like a lot of you, are looking at going to the $1499 a month plan.

Like @johnny Said, this 100% wont be reversed, as I doubt Bubble would have taken the time to create videos, documentation and tools just to go back on this decision. I do have a lot of questions. Would outsourcing my database save on WU’s? But if I go to the trouble of doing that, why not just start from scratch on a different platform? And if it doesn’t… ?


You should use the overages in your calculations to price for 11.675 million workloads a month on the starter plan.

So you would choose the following.
Starter ($32) + Tier 4 ($599)(This gets you to 6.175m workloads) + Overages ($533.6) (5.5m over at 10 cents per 1,000 workloads)


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