More CORS Confusion

So I’m confused. I had posted before about CORS problems but resolved it simply by uploading all my images to Bubble instead of trying to access them remotely. It worked fine… until yesterday when they started throwing CORS errors. Did something change at Bubble?

If I simply create an image element or a slideshow the same images work fine, but using their S3 URL does not (although it did yesterday!). As always I figure I screwed something up but I really can’t see what I did to change this since it’s the same code and the same files.

When I “Open Image In a New Tab” I can see that the image has both a Cloudfront URL infront of the S3 URL. No doubt this is Bubble reading the S3 file and passing it on. I thought I had it working once with a prefix but I can’t get that to work now either. So, question, is there a reliable prefix to the filename or S3 URL that will work?

FYI, I’m passing the URL to a simple cropping javascript plugin so it has to be just a URL although I can re-write it.

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