Multi languages application messages


Bubble can now manage several language using “Settings / Languages” menu.
Some standard applications and emails messages are defined.
Is it possible to add his own applications messages in order to have easily a multi languages application ?

Thank you.

We’ve just added that.

It’s a great news. Where are defined the “Text IDs” in Bubble menus ?
Thank you.

Hello, thanks for the new feature. I have the same question than brice.achddou. Where are the “Text IDs” defined in Bubble ? I cannot find them. Thanks !

Disregard the question @brice.achddou to define the Text ID, select in the dynamic field "app text(?) ". you’ll be directed to define a new text ID then. The next question I have however is: how user can change the primary language of the app from a dropdown or slidebar menu ? @emmanuel

It is really easy if you are using “links” for selecting the language.


The only thing that you have to do is to redirect the user to the “index” with an extra parameter “lang”. For example, for the link named “Spanish” the value of the new parameter “lang” is “es_es” (see the pic below).


I hope it helps.