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I have question regarding a multi-part form. I have created the first “part” but am stuck on how you would create additional parts? Am i right in thinking I have to put each part into a group and then create conditions that will show the parts as the user progresses?

I ask because when building the UI, I would have several parts going down the page but what the user would see would just be the active part right?

My form is to handle submissions to the database, it will use a radio to identify if a user is new or existing. If new they have a few extra fields to fill in which is used to create their account. If they are existing, they are prompted to sign in to continue the submission during the multi part form.

I have tried searching the forums but have struggled to find the best practice for this type of data entry.

Thanks in advance.



If you want this to appear as a 1-page form, then I suspect you want to:

  • Make the white box that surrounds everything a group
  • Put other groups within the white box. Have them not overlap and set them to “collapse height when hidden”
  • Add the content for the page into the remaining groups.
  • Then use logic to show/hide the relevant groups depending on user behavior.

Does this answer your question?

@sridharan.s Thanks for your reply. That was my hunch, I just wanted to clarify that this method would work with multiple submission types. (the one route where a submission is from a new user and the other route where the user already has an account and will sign in). I guess it is doable, it will just come down to logic and conditions.

Yep. That’s the way I would build it to start.

As you make your app more sophisticated, you may want to change the way information appears/disappears from the page. For example, I’ve implemented something similar on our event registration pages and rather than user 2 different groups, I’ve put each input into a separate group that can show/hide. And, when I hide the groups, I have them slide down/up - as such the “email” field is the same field no matter whether you have an account or not.

This type of interaction is pretty easy to build once you’ve done it before, but definitely not at all required for most MVPs so I recommend skipping this type of thing to start and adding it in later if/when it becomes worth a bit more time.

You have hit the nail on the head @sridharan.s . Il just break out to another page… I will look at it at a later stage as less page changes is always a bonus in my eyes if you can achieve it.

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