Multiline Input to stretch vertically to fit its content?


judging from the options available now (and lacking alternative input plugin), I am facing a problem I cannot resolve: multiline input will not stretch naturally to fit its content.

Could we have this option on the input? Fit height to content: yes/no, when yes, the height of the input will stretch with the content up until max height is reached and then only a vertical scrollbar would be introduced?

What do you think?


I have just started using Bubble and was also looking for a solution to this. I found this post from 2018 (Multiline input "stretch to fit content" defaults to 2 lines) but the “Stretch to fit content” option is no longer available for multiline inputs. Does anyone know of an alternative solution?

Many thanks!

Edit: Having just posted this, I then found this can be achieved with the Rich Text Editor plugin and enabling “Extend to Fit”. I’m leaving this comment here for posterity.


Are you using the new engine? If yes, you can control that here.

Thanks Rico! Admittedly I’m only now starting to implement responsiveness (having just built my app’s core workflow), so I’ll keep this as a reference.