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Multiple audio recordings in one page - how to ensure that only one plays at a time?

Hi Bubblers :slight_smile:

Here’s the situation: We have a repeating group where each group has one audio recording.

Ideally, whenever a user presses play in one of the audio recordings, if another one is currently playing, that one currently playing would automatically stop and the one I just clicked “play” would start playing.

From what we understand, this doesn’t seem possible because one element (group) cannot control what happens in another element/group, at least with the audio recorder plugin.

Would anyone here know if what we’re trying to do is possible and any guidance on how to implement?

Many thanks!


Not sure what is being used to play the audio files.

Look for an event in the plugin (if at all a plugin is used) that allows you to “listen” to an audio being played so that you can do things after this has happened.

I have not implemented an app like this at all.

My comment is about how highly functional plugins are generally built, where the author provides actions and events to enable you to control things in the most detailed way possible.

Im not sure you need much. If you can create workflows to play/stop media then you could set the state of some element to be the audio control that is currently playing and when you start playing a new one you could stop playing the last one. edge cases should be easy or non material. Or what @cmarchan said. Either way seems like it should be doable.

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Thanks @PineappleJoe and @cmarchan for your suggestions. It sounds like this is something that can only be done at the plugin level. Currently, the plugin we’re using doesn’t provide this functionality, so we’re doing some more discovery with a few others that seem more robust in terms of functionality options. If I find something that works, I’ll keep you posted here!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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