Multiple conditions - Is an Option set viable?

I’m trying to use conditions in order to determine which group or element to display and because there might be many conditions to display a group I was wondering if there’s a way to use an option set or a table to make that determination.

For instance, I want to display a certain element if the filetype is one of these:
.xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .ppt, pptx.

In the conditional box I cannot seem to find logic that properly allows this to work? I seem to be forced to use 6 conditional “OR” statements when it should be only one.

This doesn’t seem tragic, I know but the list here is only a partial list.

Anyone have some thoughts as to how to make this work?

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If the file types are static and relatively few in number, then an option set makes sense. Just create a FileTypeList option set of type Text with each file type being an item in the list. Then the Bubble logic would be…

  • When FileTypeList contains SelectedFileType

OK, I may not completely understand your suggestion or I’m implementing it incorrectly or maybe I didn’t provide enough information which may make Option Sets a non-starter.

I have two lists to build, one for Microsoft objects and one for Google objects. The MS list will be limited to MS file types such as .xls, .xlsx, doc, .docx, ,ppt and .pptx. Google will have a completely different list to include .svg, .pdf, wmv and so on. I can build a conditional statement that lists these but the Google one is longer and I already need to edit some items from the middle of it, and that doesn’t seem like an easy task. So, I was hoping that a set of Option lists would provide the editing flexibility but I just can’t get the logic to stop asking for additional qualifiers.

This is the Microsoft list:

And this is the Google List:

Can’t seem to get the logic to end…