Multiple delete pages

How I can delete several pages?

Hey @nesterovd,
What do you exactly mean?

I have a lot of screens in my project that I imported from figma, and I want to delete them all. Maybe you know how I can do this? I mean not one screen at a time, but all at once. At the same time, without deleting the project.
I need a batch removal function. Can you help me? I can’t find it.

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As of now, this does not exist as a function in Bubble. You could add it to the idea board though!

Me too! I have this problem, and have submitted an idea.

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+1, created lots of dummy pages learning importing Figma.

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Hi everyone, did anyone ever create a solution to this??

Hi there, @bentomsouthgate… the folks who would have to create the solution for this one are Bubble themselves, and they have not. So, you will have to delete your pages one at a time.


Hi everyone, +1 same issue here. This feature is needed