Multiple Multiline Item CSV Export - 1T Creator


I’m trying to export a item sales order to be imported into MYOB AccountRight software & as such need to have 2x lines per sales order (i.e. one for the sales item & one for fuel levy). MYOB also requires a blank line between each 2x line sales orders in a multi-order import csv file.

Have been trying to work out how this is done using the 1T - CSV Creator plugin but can’t see the solution here anywhere. I’ve looked at some JSON forums also but of course syntax is a little too nuanced to get lucky with it. I’d started headlong down the following rabbit hole but thought maybe I’d ask here first.

I’m assuming there’s a need for a collector bracket type that encloses the individual line items (being sales line & fuel levy line) & indicates that both belong to the same sale, but not sure if the blank line should be outside any type of enclosure or whether it could just be added as a third inside the same grouping. I’m thinking outside…but hey, I haven’t got a clue.

Grateful for any help…

Hey @alexnferris,

You are very close here but are nesting it inside an ‘invoice’ key which will likely create a single column and dump all the rest of the information into a single cell in that column.

Remove the { "Invoice":[ from the beginning as well as the final ]} so you have only the three identical objects in the content to show per list item input.

Also make sure to have a comma in the Delimiter input.

That should create the file you are after.


Thanks Eli,

Appreciate your time & response. I have managed to get that all working fine however it’s hitting Excel with the carriage returns in the Description field already executed.

The process is this…

  1. Create the Excel file (achieved with your brilliant exporter…sincerely appreciated);
  2. Open the file in Excel so as to save it as a tab delineated text file (.txt being MYOB preferred import format); &
  3. Import into the MYOB accounting software where the description field becomes a 4x line text field (thanks to the aforementioned carriage returns).

Currently, when I open it in Excel it already has executed the \r\n creating a 4x line field in Excel with the \r\n no longer present of course.

Your thoughts…