Multiple orders from single checkout flow - marketplace

Hello bubblers!

I am working on a marketplace with buyers & sellers.

I need some help with figuring out how to built single cart / checkout flow for purchases from multiple sellers.


A buyer shops on website, adds 2 products from Brand A, and 2 products from Brand B.

A buyer can view item subtotals and shipping charges for each Brand, as well as total to pay (for all brands in cart).

When a buyer fills delivery address details and pays for items in cart, they should see two separate orders, for each brand created.

My question is: how to create a workflow that will generate separate order for each brand from a single checkout/cart flow?

Below is the actual flow in Etsy with screenshots, and something I am looking to re-create. I have skipped the shipping/payment pages - but it shows the cart and final order page with separate orders.

Would be great if someone can help on this as I could not find an answer in forum!

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