Multiples values from a single URL parameter

Hello everyone,
I would like to load the content of the database from a URL that contains the variable USER_ID.
In other words, how can I retrieve multiple values from the database based on the information in the URL?
For example:
When I set USER_ID = 1 in the URL, the page should display the information for person 1.
USER_ID = 2 should load the information for person 2.

@matteovincennn you can try this on a test page to see how this works:

  1. Add a text element to your page
  2. Set the value of that text to Get data from page URL’s email
  3. Set the parameter name to USER_ID, and the Type to User

It should look like this:

CleanShot 2024-01-26 at 15.49.57

when you have a valid User unique_id value for the USER_ID parameter (and assuming your privacy rules are well configured), you should see that User’s email

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