My app and Work Units. Feeling lost

Can someone kindly answer me as clearly as possible because I feel lost and have no idea what to do right now:

  1. I have been for the last 2 years building an internal tool for my company which will includes ± 5000 users who will be able to receive files, work on them on my app, and send them, invoices created, 2 and 3 way video calls being made, transcripts being made via speech to text then being editable for users etc. There will be things like users, jobs, files, invoices etc. Yes I will be paid per transaction. But these can range from a few dollars to thousands per time. How will Work Unit quantities look on such an app? Is it still viable?

  2. I intended on making the same internal tool as above as a Saas for other businesses. Is this scalable to say the first 1000 users without WU being an issue?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer anymore. The best we can say is, just build it and see at this point.

And the amount of users doesn’t really matter, it just matters how work intensive the app is. Now, with it being that many users on a SaaS, I would imagine the WU would be very high


Hello @phrase9

We Bubblers must now work through our apps and optimize their workload. Elaborate effort for sure.

This is the PDF from the latest Bubble webinar on this front

And a link to a blog article on this subject

These are my notes:


Thanks to the both of you

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