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My app Rocks, but my design Sucks, need a designer!

I’ve built an OCR scanning of receipts and expense tracking app.

It works great, and I’ve made it responsive, but looks like I built it, which isn’t a good thing…

There’s 8 pages to be styled, here’s a taster:

See what I mean?

Am looking a for a Designer to sort it out, hoping someone out there has the skills and inclination to help me out :crossed_fingers:t3:

Thanks and happy weekend

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Hi david,

I can help. Please get in touch with me over email [email protected] to discuss this further in detail. Or skype me: live:amanda_17153


Hi David,

You’re design actually looks pretty good, it only needs some minor tweaking. You don’t have to get a perfect design when starting an MVP, you can always iterate and add changes. Try focusing on delivering value.

From what I can see, the mobile view, buttons and overall responsiveness would need to be checked. I’ve added my portfolio link below of some of my projects.

Feel free to send me a message if you need help.

It was a pleasure working together on the project.

Can we see some after images?


I haven’t stored any after images. You might want to ask TS.

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