My app will die if an api does not reply

At the moment my app is perfect as long as the api’s I call work.

I cannot figure out how to handle API calls when the API call fails.

  1. How can I test a filing API if it won’t let me initialize an API if it fails?
  2. The APIs I use are never down so I cannot emulate it failing very easily.

What do I do?

Mind sharing which api is that or maybe screenshots? That will better help understand the challenge you’re facing

at the moment there is no problems at all. I am just thinking about in future… If the api goes down what will the bubble api connector do>?

Hey Tom :wave:

If this is unchecked:

Then if there is any error with the API call (no response from server, or API responds with an error status code for example) then the workflow will terminate there. If done in the frontend the error would display for the user, or if done in backend it would show up in Bubble logs.

I prefer to check that box, then handle the errors myself by having two “Schedule a custom event” actions (if done in frontend, otherwise would be two Schedule API workflow actions). One checking if the error was empty and one was not empty. Then do the workflow I want in each.

So the error custom event I can send an email to me that there was an issue + show some generic popup for the user that something went wrong, for the successful one do what you want


Exactly what I want! Cheers

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