My button won't work - getting temporary error message

I’m getting this error when I click on my button (after super long load bar): Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!!

This is the setup:

What do I need to change to fix this?

What the button do?
Can you share the workflow related to the button?

Its just supposed to pop up a form for people to give more info. I did have it creating a thing as well but deleted that in trying to troubleshoot.

Bubble has been super wonky lately. For my app it has lost data and workflows have just randomly stopped working.

Bubble needs to get its sh*t together.

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I am facing the same issue for several times in different actions. Apparently there’s nothing wrong with the workflows, since they are to run simple tasks such as delete a field.

Does anyone got and update about it?

Thanks a lot!

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