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My element are not responsive

I am novice with bubble sorry ! But when I run my interface, all of my element are not fixed. I already put everything into a group … Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Your responsiveness is not set up.
A quick fix will be making all your groups and elements fixed width.
But this will not be responsive to mobile browsers.
If you expect users to use it only on PC, this approach makes sense.

The difficult but long-term solution is setting up your responsiveness.
In the Bubble editor, you’ll see a responsiveness tab on the left.
Once you go there, set up the alignment and positions of each problematic element.
Also check on the Bubble editor whether the groups with responsive widths are set up correctly in relation with their children. If a parent group is responsive and the children are fixed width, they will pile up on some screens.
Make sure all the parent groups and child elements have the same max width settings as well.

If this still troubles you, let’s get on a call and fix it together.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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