My group element is auto-sizing? Please help

Hello, when I am dragging a group to my new app, into a square (picture1) and then release it, it automatcally becomes this other size? (picture 2)

Feeling stupid because I cant fix it. Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi there,

That blue line you see in your first image is an indicator of where the new element will drop when you click or release the mouse to place the element:

You should try to make sure that blue line is inside the element before releasing.

Another alternative to this approach is to locate the newly placed element in the elements tree:

And dragging it to the correct hierarchy/nesting structure. When you have a lot of elements, the Elements Tree can become very large, so an easy way to find an element here is to open its properties window, and near the bottom click ‘Reveal in the elements tree’:


Hope this helps!

Thanks for your answer.

Because my issue here is,

Im wathing tutorials, and when they just drag a group element it the group element will “stay” the same size like the one they dragged it out to be?

So I cant really understand why my group element (on a comepletly new app/page) is automatcially becomes auto adjusted

It feels that I somewhat clicked in some pre-setting or something?

Yes you are correct, the elements have default size settings that can’t be changed until you’ve placed them.

Ah ok.

Appreciate you taking the time to answer! Thanks :slight_smile:

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