My thoughts on the Bubble Developer Certification program

Hey all,

I’m in the fortunate position of working with Bubble on various projects, but also have the privilege of being an independent, long-time member of the community. One of the projects I’ve worked on is the the recently announced Official Developer Certification program, and it has sparked interesting discussions.

I’ve penned down my observations and thoughts about this certification program in an article. The piece delves into the rationale behind its creation, its structure, and its potential worth for developers.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on both the article and the announcement :slight_smile:

You’ll find the article here.


Awesome article, @petter, and the car analogy is fantastic… but come on, we can’t get a sample question or two? Help us out here! :slight_smile:

question 1
Create an expression that searches for all items created by the current user.

question 2
List 3 benefits that Mikeloc has on the Bubble Forum.


It’s always a treat to read your articles. Went through a number in my early Bubbling days. It’s great that you’re part of revamping the manual!

I personally won’t take the certification as I don’t see the need for it. While your points are true enough, you’re way too optimistic. There’s always the dark side of the coin when it comes to certification in how it also enables the no-gooders.

$50 is a drop in the pond for an agency/freelancer dead set to provide sub par work while asking for market rates. A certification gives them more legitimacy.

It’s great for Bubblers wanting to affirm their knowledge though!


I know Bubble’s working on material that’ll help prepare for the exam – not sure what that’ll look like yet, but the current early-bird testing will probably help speed that along.

@ihsanzainal84 it’s not hard to see your point, but on weighing the price level it was important to not make it too costly for developers from countries where the value of the local currency is significantly lower compared to the dollar. This is also why, at least from my perspective, the certification shouldn’t be considered the reason for hiring a dev, but rather one more way to assess whether they’re up for the job.

It’s a valid observation though. Keep in mind this is version 1 – user feedback and market challenges may trigger changes to how this is all structured.

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Just finished the exam, and if anyone is interested, I would say it is exactly what I expected. It is appropriately challenging, and to Bubble’s credit, it avoids what I think is one of the biggest and most annoying issues that can plague these types of exams… questions that feel like they are intentionally trying to trip you up.

Kudos to all involved in what has likely been a ton of work to put the exam/program together. In my opinion, you have definitely hit the mark.


Thank you so much @mikeloc, that’s highly appreciated!

I’ll be sure to pass that on to everyone involved :slight_smile: