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Native App and Web App Integration

So I am planning for some app development and have a couple of questions.

  1. Since the native app requires everything to be on one page how can we connect a web app database and a native app so they pull and write to the same database? For example a messaging app with a web interface “larger” and a native app interface “smaller”? Users could log in via the web or the phone app and modifications will be made to the same database so that changes show up on both.

  2. If we decide not to make our app native for the reason above how can we set a web app to look and feel more like an app on a phone? Right now I have to type in the web address and log in each time. I assume there are methods that make it feel more like a normal app, ie hiding the web browser bar.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Brad Luffy

In the editor (in the same popup where you edit your page’s dimensions, etc.) you’ll see a checkbox that says “This page is a native app”. Once you check that box, the page that you are currently on gets treated as a native app by Bubble.

As long as your native app page is part of the same parent Bubble app as your web interface, they would share and write to the same database.


Awesome Thanks for that. I assumed from the text when I first pressed that button that the entire app had to be one page. But since it is on a page basis this answers the question.

Essentially one part of your app would then be on the Apple store, the page designated for that. Thanks Nate.