Native App Conversion Options

Hi, we are currently about to complete our development of a social media web and mobile app here on Bubble and I have some questions on converting them to native apps. Which is the best option, Jasonelle or nativator? And do we have to be on a paid bubble plan in order to do a conversion either through jasonelle or nativator? Also, if we use Jasonelle or nativator, would we still have to pay Android and Apple a yearly fee for a developers account?

Yes you need to be on a paid plan. Comes down to your technical expertise. If you’re highly technical you’ll want to go with Jasonelle. If not, go with a service like nativator. BDK Native and Codeless academy are two competitors that I know of advertised here on the forums. Those native services are typically built on top of Jasonelle, but they make it easier for non technical people.

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This may help


hello @melon

Under Jasonelle, you have to pay your annual Apple and Google license (99$ and 20$) to be able to publish.

Yes, its App store price, Will add it also…Good point. If there are any other service providers also, it can be added…

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Thank you very much for this Zaque, it seems like a better option to go with Nativator since with them, one will not need to pay the annual developer fees to android and apple as they will handle that.