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Native app Payment System

Hi guys,
I’m wondering how I can integrate a payment system into a native app by not leaving the app itself. In the desktop version of the website I used Braintree, so once the customer pays he gets redirected to a sort-of Braintree popup, and as soon as the transaction is completed, he is pushed back to the purchase page in my website.

The question is this: in a native app how would the redirection to Braintree work? Would it work “inside” the app or the user would be redirected to its mobile web browser to complete the payment?

Thanks a lot!

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If you are developing an app for iOS, you are not allowed to do this by Apple policies. You have to refer to your web site or use in-app purchases through Apple (and lose 30% if your revenue).

This is only partially true. Depends on what you’re selling. Apple’s in-app purchases requirement only applies if your users obtain digital content by making purchases within your app.

If making a purchase in your app gives them access to real-world items, you can have your own payment system without Apple taking a cut. (For example, one of my apps allows users to purchase a subscription and get a free alcoholic drink every day at local bars.)

I haven’t used Braintree in a native app (I prefer Stripe) but from my experiences I can tell you that the Braintree screen would open in its own window inside of your app.

Exactly we are offering real items which have nothing to do with the app store.

@natedogg cool. That is the case for Stripe? Guess it will be the same for Braintree.

Well with Stripe, the popup shows in the app without opening a webpage, as it’s not an external link. Not sure with Braintree though.

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Hi @natedogg,
May I ask for a screenshot please of the Stripe popup?

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