Native Bubble Table: Any way to export to csv?

I have a swanky table using Bubble’s table element. I’m doing a some calculations on some, and just showing data on other column’s. It’s fun!

I’d like to be able to export the data that I’m looking at to CSV. How can I do this?

you can use the “Upload” or “Download csv” workflow to achieve that

Hi @myjourney

If you don’t want to use a flow, you can do it manually from the back end.

Here’s a link to the bubble docs explaining it.

This isn’t from the backend but from the editor, not useful for the end user, but thanks!

Hey thanks for the contribution, but this doesn’t download the data as it shows on the table. It doesn’t for example, include calculated data.

You can use this plugin - 1T - CSV Creator Plugin | Bubble


This is part of the solution. Thank you for your help!!

First I convert the data to a JSON, then use that mighty plugin to export that to a CSV. I do this all in the backend too as the creation of the JSON from a large dataset takes a few seconds.

For anyone stuck on this:

  1. Step 1: Search for:format as text. This way, for each entry set up a json item, one line per column you want to show up on your csv:
"column 1":"data",
"column 2":"data",

Delimiter a coma

Step 2: CSV Creator from Base64
Home url use Bubble’s native “Website URL”
Filename, whatever.csv
Contens “Result from step 1”