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Would it be possible to get the info “previous page not empty” ? or to a redirection page IF the previous page is empty ?
Users can open pages in a new tab and get stuck. Also useful dealing with google connection since a unique URI required.


I second this.
Sometimes I need to go back to the previous page, if there’s one, or to go to /index otherwise.

Under Navigation in workflow actions there’s an action to go “Go to previous page”


Yes but it’s unconditional. I would like to know at least if a previous page exists and take a different action.

If the user types the URL and gets to the page, I want to redirect him to my website’s homepage, instead of just kicking them back to an empty page, which is what happens currently.

You could try sending a url parameter to the new page which tells you what the previous page was.


That could work, though I’d have to use this parameter in every page to be able to find out on which pages the user has arrived to externally (e.g. by typing the URL or by clicking a link outside Bubble). And it would hurt SEO because the legibility of URLs would be affected.

Partial solution using JS History object + Toolbox plugin javascript to Bubble plugin

  1. Add the Javascript to Bubble element

  2. When back button is clicked run JS, then go to prevous page/or index if history is empty (Using History API)


Hi @tgmoron You saved me a lot of time!!!
Thank you very much!

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Glad it worked!