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Navigation - URL parameters

I found out that it was important on mobile to let the user use their “Back” button on their phone to go back. So for instance, when the user navigats between tabs from a page, I have to update the url parameter to add a new page history.
(also, I try to get rid of Custom States for tabs and use url parameter instead - cleaner method)

I use “Go to page…” but face several limits :

  • this action can only be set at the end of a workflow
  • using several parameters like you do in the editor ( is not convenient because you have to get hte data from all the other parameters each time.

A new action “Change URL parameters” wouldn’t be easier ? updating or adding new paramter without deleting the others.

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Would it be possible to add a navigation action so we can update one query paramater’s value at a time ?

You can just keep the same value that you have currently with the get parameter option.

This is what I do. But when you have several parameters you have to check / update all the other “Go to… page” actions = risk of error since you have to be sure all the parameters are well modified. And if you trigger/schedule a Custom Event at the end of workflow, after the “Go to… page”, the issue checker tells it’s an issue

Another limit about using the “Go to…” action to updat the URL parameters : the page get refreshed and all the Custom States get lost

If the page is the same it shouldn’t, can you set up a test case?

Half my bad. I need to initiate the Custom States and “Page is loaded” is triggered again even when the page is the same.
demo editor and test

Should I modify my app or you’d prefer preventing this ?

Prevent what? Triggering the event page is loaded? we’ll keep this.