Need a better loading indicator when a workflow is running

If you watch this HotJar video, you can see the user clicks the “Signup” button at the 40 second mark and then because Bubble takes so long they click it a few more times. Is there some way to disable the button or add a spinner while the signup workflow is running? The subtle blue bar at the top isn’t obvious enough.

For actions that take a long time, I pop up a loading modal with a message and a spinner as the first action of the workflow.

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Agree with @andrewgassen.

Also, you can find a spinner over at


Grab @dambusmedia Lottie plugin (its free) goto and take your pick of the LottieFiles “a collection of animations designed for Lottie and Bodymovin” job done when you show in a popup as pre @andrewgassen direction

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