Need a bubble expert!

Hey we are looking to hire a expert bubble developer:

  • Expertise in Responsiveness
  • Complex & Recurring Workflows
  • Complex API Integrations

Please DM me with your portfolio & pricing.



Here is my portfolio:

Here is my hourly rate
250/hr for building with you
150/hr build for you
100/hr scope
$0.75/min ongoing communication. Texts. Emails. Calls. Video chats. Etc
Design will be outsourced to

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Sent you a DM. :blush:

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  • I have +3 years of experience building apps in Bubble.
  • I’ve been working for a HR Tech company in Canada (Lmon)
  • I’m currently working in a HR tech company based in Mexico (Joinready). We have built this company with a database outside of Bubble. So, we use a lot of calls and posts.
  • I 've built a platform to control finances for women called Femvest in Chile (Femvest)
  • lI’m looking for challenges. I really love that.
  • This is my Linkedin.
  • This is some of my Portfolio.

Have a great day.

Thankyou Guys. I have got the expert for the same.

Many of you have shared amazing work with me, Will connect if required again. Thankyou Bubble Community!