Need a bubble freelancer to build me an app

I am an entrepreneur and currently I am looking for a bubble developer to design me an app for my business. We are launching a startup that would provide different home maintenance services to our customers and everything managed on app. Service requirement that would go to the directed head group of technicians who would accept the job. Each service data would be maintained to the client which can be viewed anytime. Also as it’s a subscription model customer’s wallet would also be maintained. We also need to connect the app with our accounts software where all transactions would reflect as well. We need to build the project in 15 days to a month. If any developer is interested you can also email me or contact me here. We are looking forward to a great partner.
Huzaifa Naviwala


As this handles client data, you would need to implement GDPR…thankfully, I can help you with GDPR compliance as well as development. Please check your pm @huznavi123

Hey @huznavi123 :wave:

I just sent you an email with a link so we can discuss your project further. Hope to talk with you soon. :blush:


I sent a email for you.

Hi @huznavi123

Please check out our website (link in my profile bio) — if everything looks good, feel free to schedule a call! I look forward to discussing your vision over a call!