Need a graph plugin with dynamic Y Scale

In order to make my graph info available, I need to adjust the Y_axis min and max based on the data input. Basically I want the min to be the lowest value and max to be the highest value. Looking through the chart plugins and i’m not sure that any of them do this, all the data is in bubble.

hey @alexsstockton

This can be done using Chart Tools - quick example below… the chart is plotting exercise activity times and the axis minimum has been dynamically set to the lowest (10) and maximum to the highest (240). Although the plugin comes with two types of chart elements, I recommend using the ‘Chart Tools’ elements, not amCharts… that is what has been used below.


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I do not have the option to dynamically set these values, not sure why

Make sure you’re on the latest version and PM me if you’re still not getting the blue dynamic popup.


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