Need advice concerning Data types and fields

Hi forum! I’ve recently discovered bubble and I’m pretty impressed by this building platform. So, here is what I can’t get my head wrapped around right now: I’m trying to build a storage app, which lets the user register items into boxes (that can be labeled and numbered). So the idea is to have an app that lets you easily find a specific item in a specific box by searching for the item.

In the database, should I create let’s say Box as a Data Type and then create ‘number’,‘label’, and ‘item’ as fields? or Should I create ‘item’ as a Data Type for itself? In my head it seems most logical to gather everything within the Box Data Type, but I’m not sure if this is the way to do it.

As mentioned above, the whole idea is to let the user find in which box the item is stored by searching for it on a search page in the app. Thanks!

Hey @rudibakken,

Welcome :slight_smile: I’d create a data type for both like this:


  • Label (text)
  • Number (number or text)
  • List of Items (Item, list)


  • Name (text)
  • Box (Box)

That way you can search from both directions. Either way, I think you should have a separate table for Box and Item. I have a video on managing list fields to that might help understand how to link the two together:

Reach out if you need further help!

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Hey @romanmg,

Thank you so much! That was a good advice, which I will follow :slightly_smiling_face:
I will definitely have a look at your video as well.

I might take up on your offer, as I’m pretty new to this way of app building ^^

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