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Need Bubble Coach/Tutor

I have an older listing in this category where I was asking for help to complete a project. I realized that’s not what I really need. I really need a coach or tutor.

So basically it would be like getting paid to do posts on this forum.

I need a Bubble expert who has a compete understanding of how to manipulate and display data in bubble. Someone who understand Bubble best practices in this area.

I’d like to ask questions over email or text and get responses with some screen shots to show me how to best achieve whatever it is I’m stuck on.

My UI is already done. I wrote an API that provides the data to Bubble on Heroku in JavaScript. I was a C++ developer in the past and understand Object Oriented Programming. But I don’t know how to make bubble do what I need it to do with the data I pulled in from the API I wrote.

Can someone help me figure out how to manipulate and display the data in Bubble?


Hey! I’m the founder of and you may want to consider booking a mentoring session on the site with one of our Bubble mentors.

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Highly recommend @boston85719 as a coach :slight_smile:


Bubble also have a coaching page

Thanks for the responses.

I reached out to some people here.

What I was really hoping for was a sort of paid form of this forum where I could send a few questions specific to my app and have someone respond with Bubble best practices and a few screenshots to point me in the right direction.

Most of these bubble coach programs seem to involve video/zoom type calls. I definitely don’t want to do that. This is much more specific to the app and just getting the last few things I’m stuck on working.

Any of you that know data well in bubble could arrange to do this with me.

Any takers?

Sure. I’ll do it with your screenshots and email chat. :wave:

It’s just easier to meet via zoom and work you thru your issues so you can provide context for the issues/pain points you’re dealing with. Context is everything, man, and without it, you might as well piss your money into the mouth of a thirsty dev.

100$/hr async. Photos. Text. No need to meet via zoom.

@lindsay_knowcode is a badass around here too, btw. Might consider hitting him up.

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