Need clarification for the new date input fields update

Hey guys

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the new date input field update. If I understood it right, the update means that we could automatically reference the date input field to our chosen time zone whether it’s

  • user’s current time zone
  • static choice (a time zone of our choice)
  • dynamic choice


Does the update enable us to automatically convert the user’s current time zone to our chosen time zone if we choose static choice? Or will the date input field simply be based on that current time zone?

If we were to convert the user’s current time zone to our preferred time zone, would we still need to use the :rounded down to function? However, when I checked, it turns out this feature has been deprecated

TL;DR: What I’m trying to do is finding a way to automatically convert an input from the date input field which has a time zone setting to user's current time zone to my country’s time zone; and save it to the database instead of me tweaking the date text in the UI.

Would greatly appreciate any help :pray:

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