NEED FREELANCER ASAP (start this week) For Conversion of Bubble Built Website to Native App

Hi guys,

I am currently looking for someone to help convert a website I built on Bubble into a native app for Android and IOS.

The website is The website is live right now and currently being tested. Once you sign an NDA, I can disclose the back end of the application as needed.

I was the one who built the website so I will be available to answer all questions regarding the logic of the app.

Basically, I’m in need of some assistance here because I have never converted a web app on Bubble to a native application and want to be sure everything happens smoothly for my client.

We have a mobile version of the website built out now and we simply needed it converted to a native app for Android & IOS.

It’s not so important how we reach the end result to me, but my client needs is an app that functions very similar to the website and has the look and feel of a native app for both platforms.

If you’re interested please send me a text at +12532194010 and schedule a time to talk with me on the phone about the project.

And if all goes well with this project , I am also still looking for people to build solid long term relationships with who would be happy to take on other jobs.


Evan Little

Hello @evanlitttle ,

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please.

Regards Ezcode Team !