Need freelancer to make plugins

Hi, I need freelancer to make plugins,agora live voice chat(only audio) as the first,if somebody already made it i can buy to talk about the pay,please contact me.Thanks.

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Lets talk in DM

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I’m a plug-in developer, and I’ve got plenty of experience to with bubble and coding. If you need some assistance, I’d be glad to help.

Please send me a message and let’s get started :slight_smile:

There is already 4 plugin is available-

let me know if these plugin have bugs or you have different requirement? @hansail

Thanks for all you guys answer a lot,i’ve found some support from other way,so if somebody have the already made “agora Live Voice Calling” plugin,i would prefer to buy it instead of making once again.
Thanks very much.

You can check what i need from here: Live Voice Chat & Audio Call SDK for App Developers ,the available four are just little part of agora apis ( for your reply and i would like to buy the already made pulgin if you have it.