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Need help authenticating Google Translation API

Using the API Connector plugin.

I need help in authenticating with Google Translation API.
I was asked to use Service Account for authentication - hope that’s correct.

I tried 3 different authentication methods to no avail.

1. OAuth2 Custom Token
I was given a JSON file which I pasted here:

2. OAuth2 User-Agent Flow
The above doesn’t work so I tried another authentication method.
More fields to enter and I’ve totally no idea where to find these values.

3. JSON Web Token
This one seems most promising because the fields can all be found in the JSON file I was given. But still I got an error “Could not sign request token, check private key”.

Any hints please? Or is there someone I can pay to set this up?

In the third one did you just enter the full private key in the bottom text box?

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Yes, i entered the private key as I got it in the JSON file.

Tried various permutations with and without the “\n” and “-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----” and it still gave the same error. I don’t think it’s because of this.

-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\n (private key) \n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n

There’s a couple of thing to set the JWT for Google in Bubble.
The first thing I see wrong is the Scope. You need to enter the scopes correctly.
Check my post here:

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