Need help building a tool (resume builder) for my app

I’m trying to build a tool where my users can select from a few different resume templates and then input their information/ skills/ experience into the template. Any idea of where to start, i’m new to this so any help to get the ball rolling would be much appreciated!

Doing this for a client.

If you were to do it entirely in Bubble it might be a bit tricky to make it pretty enough but it’s certainly possible. I’d start by:

  1. Recreate the JSON Resume structure in your database
  2. Allow users to add all of the relevant information for each data type
  3. Allow users to order it all (or auto-order by date for relevant areas)
  4. Display on a page using repeating groups and conditional formatting
  5. Allow export to PDF using a plugin

Step 4 is hard because you essentially need a new page for each resume style template.