[Need Help] Countdown timers

Hi, I need to use countdown timers in my app. I have tried installing several, but I can’t see how they work. When I put them onto the page, there seems to be very little to manipulate, and I am not sure what I am supposed to do to get them to countdown.

For instance, this one has a set width and height, so I can’t change that, and it talks about the plugin’s states, but it has no states set.

Obviously I don’t understand something pretty fundamental about how these plugins work. If you would explain it to me or point me towards a video or longer written explanation, that would be really great!

The reference of using an ‘element action’ means this is primarily controlled through workflow. I would drop a button on the page, and see if there’s a workflow action available to Start a Countdown. Drop a text field on the page and see what is available to choose as dynamic text, from the plug-in.

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