Need help Creating an App


My name is Wizz im newish on the platform and im looking for someone who can help me bring my idea to life. But before i go into what the idea is, i just have a few questions.

  1. Can a bubble app be turned into an iphone/ android app?
    2)Would you be willing to partner up on the project or would charge to create the app?

Kind Regards

Hello @compgeeks10 welcome to the community!

Bubble apps can be designed for mobile use and can be “wrapped” to the stores which essentially means that Bubble runs the mobile app.

You can find freelancers and coaches. There are many Bubblers out there! :+1:t2:

I’m a newbie here. I also want to know more about creating an app. Thanks for the details.

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@garryjonhson317 welcome to the community!

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Muito obrigado! Com certeza vou assistir a esse vídeo mais tarde. Espero que isso me ajude muito a construir meu primeiro aplicativo Bubble.

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