Need Help: Error code: Out of Memory

Hi guys! I’m currently experiencing a error code:

Error code: Out of Memory (On my Google Chrome Page). We’ve been building our app for a long time and testing it and this never happened. Is there a DDOS attack on the bubble servers? We have 0 users and our app is super simple. There’s no way, this is coming from us (Or maybe?).

Please let me know if you’ve ever encountered something similar to that issue. Thanks.

Check screenshot for reference.

Bubble Status:

This is an issue on your end. Your computer ran out of ram and bubble crashed. This happens to me relatively often as I tend to keep a ton of tabs open in Chrome. Maybe at the point bubble crashed you had another cpu intensive process running at the same time. Bubble has been working on reducing the memory that the editor uses for exact reasons like this. They talked about it in a recent feature release
[Experimental Feature] Edit-mode performance enhancement - Announcements / New features - Bubble Forum

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Hi Paul! Thanks for your answer. I agree with you this might be an issue on my end but this started happening a few hours ago but yesterday I could run 3-5 pages of my app, and my browser wouldn’t crash.

Something is causing Memory usage to go up like crazy. Maybe the complexity of my apps page? A loop created? Do you have any documents or guidance as to how I could reduce the Memory Usage on my app? Thanks!

My dev. can’t find the reason why it’s doing this all of a sudden, he said it might be on Bubble End. Not us.

When you say “started happening” do you mean its repeatedly crashing?

Are you a mac or windows user. For windows, open the task manager with Ctrl-Shift-Esc. Don’t know what it is for mac. You’ll have to google. You’ll see if there are any other processes hogging a bunch of memory or if it’s just chrome (or whatever browser you’re using).

Have you restarted chrome and your computer?

I dont think you are the only one. Its happening to me too. I typically dont have issues either.

Thank you for confirming that Mundo S.! This is clearly a Bubble problem! They should report it on their status.

@paul29 It looks like Bubble fixed the issue, now it works better. But there was a clear problem from Bubble. Many people were experiencing what I just experienced for a few minutes which never happened before. I have 16 GB of ram. and a very low consuming app for memory it was impossible.

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Good to know.

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