Need help finish my MVP. $300 for dedicated help over the weekend!

Hey everyone!

I’m looking for some help to finish my MVP. It’s very time sensitive, as I’m part of an accelerator and our Demo Day is coming up. A lot of it is already built. I really need help on making it more presentable and operational.

This is a food delivery app.

Email me the details, I can help -

I would be interested and could help
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,


Surely i can help you.

Please add me on Skype: or Email Me:, so that we can discuss for the same.

Looking forward to speak with you.

Best Regards,
Austin W.

Thank you for the interest everyone, but I already have someone I moved forward with. Thank you for your timely responses!

Hey @andrew5 appreciate if you can mark the thread as solved.


Don’t do business with this guy (Rodrigo.) He is a complete scam artist.