Need help for numbers currency!

hi guys, im a newbie here,

the currency i put is 10 decimals but if the price is $0.003201, it will be $0.0032012345

how do i display every 4 numbers behind start with >0

Example :

how do i display every 4 numbers

Can you reformulate your question? I don’t understand what you mean, no disrespect to you.

i mean i wanted to display if the price looks like the Example up here

how do i display this format of price i called from my api?
some of them will display 0.0032012345

ah oké gotcha, so you want to know how to format each one seperately? That makes sense. If I know the answer, will update you :+1:

yes, thank you nocodeventure!

Base value $0.0032012345

Example :
$0.3201 > $0.0032012345 * 100, format as; Number > Decimal Place 4
$0.03201 > $0.0032012345 * 10, format as; Number > Decimal Place 5

I think you get the idea. You just need to figure out when to apply which calculation. If it’s already a number, you can format and then convert to number straight away.

is there anything that will applied automatically? because all the price is changing based on my api call, sometimes it can be 2 decimals and sometimes 3 decimals to 14 decimals

the price is on my repeating group

I have an idea but I’m affraid it will be too complex for you to do. Happy to help on a paid basis if needed.

Idea explained below.

  1. Create an option set with a number value and a calculation value, both formatted in number.
  2. When the api returns data, count the characters and then filter through the option set with the same amount of characters value, multiply it with the calculation value. You’ll need to use advanced filters.
  3. Use formatting as explained in a previous reply.

If you wish to hire us for this feel free to PM me. implementation time is 1.5hr at most.

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