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Need help for the design of checkbox and radio buttons

Hello everybody

I have some problems with the design of checkbox and radio buttons

I dont know if it’s possible in Bubble but I would like a little “check” that appears in the box when we hover the box.

Like the first box on the picture bellow.

And when we click on it, the color of the box change to green like in the picture bellow.

Concerning the radio button:

I dont know if it’s possible but I would like the apparition of a little point in the center of the button when we hover it like in the picture bellow

Also I noticed an other problem,

When i click on one of the radio button, all the text lines change color but I would like the color only on the line in front of the validated button.

(like in the exemple above)

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.


I have the same problem. As far as the checkbox goes bubble provides their own.

The checkbox you have shown here in your first picture is possible with a Google material design icon.

The problem i had is that when using the google material design icon (it’s the closest to what you have shown above) the conditions only lets the user press the checkbox whereas bubbles own checkbox lets the user click the checkbox. Which is obviously the goal here.

So with the google icon you can change the colour and even change the icon to a tick (if you want) using the conditions but i have not been able to find a way to make this action work without the user pressing on the checkbox.

With bubbles own checkbox the user can click the checkbox however you can’t set it to change it’s background colour (as far as I know) the way you can with the google icon.

Something in between would be really helpful.

Sorry if this isn’t very helpful. Hopefully someone else with more experience can answer this.

thanks for your answer