Need help from a developer just for the ''programming-coding'' for a police MDT-type of program

Basically, the layout is all done I just have some issued with the programming, mostly sending data from one page to another, and loading that data. Also, some more stuff I would like added to my CAD is pretty complicated, and I would like someone to help me out with that, I am willing to pay a reasonable fee obviously.

Required to communicate through Discord.

Can you give me more info about your desired CAD system? Post processor, 3d file to nc etc

I don’t think that’s what he means…

Basically, there’s no call dispatching its more of a MDT.


In ‘‘Type de Commande’’, they will enter either (DBQ1 for search by plate) or (DBQ2) for search by name.
In ‘‘Objet Recherché’’ they will type what they are looking for (ex: the vehicle plate).

After, they will hit a button ‘‘Submit’’…

It will redirect to another page, where I need the information pertaining to what was searched displayed, ex: the plate and owner infos, etc…

He still needs help.

Indeed I do

What’s the budget for this job?..

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To be discussed in private, but it’s a quick easy job for someone who knows what they are doing, which I don’t. lol

Hope you are doing well,
We are a CMMI level 3 company equipped with 650+ Professionals and serving our clients around the globe, at very effective rates.
Please strike a conversation so we can discuss further about your current needs.
Also, you can Skype me: cis.scott or email me: [email protected]
Will be glad to work with you.

Still looking

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Hope you are doing well!

PM sent.
Please check.

Lauren W.

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I added you on Discord.