Need Help: Prevent lanscape view in mobile device

Hi all…I’m very new with this bubble…with bunch of ideas, a bit understanding database and businees process…but with no coding experience at all, I found this platform is amazing…

I’m starting to built app for mobile view only (not for desktop). To make it simple I design my app with all elements contained in one floating group so that it looks like native app with no scrolling.

It looks ok then but when the device in auto rotate and the device in lanscape position…it then looks weird…:blush:

Is anyone can help how to prevent the view in mobile device to auto rotate to lanscape? Even it is in auto rotate mode on

This is unwanted view when autorotate to lanscape

This is when in normal portrait position

Hi anwarsby,

I think you’ll find that it’s the actual mobile device OS which does the rotation and I don’t think any site can prevent it from doing so (unless it’s an actual app rather than a native web app that is).

It’s possible that orientation could be prevented once your site is complete and wrapped in some wrapper, so by that I mean Cordova / dropSource / phoneGap for example.

Happy to be proven wrong!

Hi Paul,

Thanks a lot for suggest…it’s good to know chance to get what I need☺

but yes…it seems I have to focus on finishing my app first then go to next step learning to wrap it just as your suggest…thanks again for sharing. It really helpful!