Need Help: Saving Session Data and Restricting Client Submissions in Long Forms

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a setup where I’ve got a data type called “Project” that’s set to private. This means only users in the same “SaaS Account” can access it. I’ve also got another data type called “Diagnostic” which has a field referencing the related “Project”. The goal is to end up with a maturity score related to the topic.

Here’s the deal: When a user makes a new “Diagnostic”, they typically send a public page to their clients (who aren’t logged in and don’t have an account) to answer some questions. Sometimes it’s a quiz, other times it’s open-ended questions. The data type linked to that page is “Diagnostic”. When they get a response, a new data type called “Recorded_Answers” stores the answers along with the related “Project” info.

The quiz or form can be really long, so I’ve avoided using custom states to store the answers. Instead, I use them to keep track of the client’s score so far, like this:

Here’s what I need help with:

  1. Saving the session if the client wants to come back later. Right now, I lose the custom stored scores, and I’m not sure how to keep them. I only save the score at the end after some calculations with the current “Diagnostic” score. Also, the user that’s responding the form is not logged in (there’s no need for them to have an account).
  2. Making sure clients can only submit once, and stopping multiple submissions from the same person.

Could someone lend a hand? I’ve finished my app, and this is the fourth time I’ve redone this part, but I still can’t get it right.

Good luck, so far I know most SaaS do not give access to their files. That means you can basically forget about modifications unless you pay prime money.

Red Bull is on Shopify, I’m sure Red Bull can create all modifications needed.
Your session is limited by cookies, that is the path you need to follow.

Alright, thank you. So I’ve been working on utilizing local storage, and it’s been successfully saving the number of the question where the user left off in the browser. Here’s how it looks:


Now, when the page loads, I need to check if the local storage value is not empty. For that, I’ve set up the following workflow:



The issue I’m encountering is that it doesn’t seem to fetch the stored value. When I check in the debugger, it always returns empty:


Currently, I’m using the Local & Session Storage Manager plugin after experimenting with several others free ones. Any thoughts?