[Need Help] Something odd

Hi, I am making a time blocking app, where I filter a list of time-blocked sessions into a custom state.

There is a countdown to the start of the next session in the list.

When the countdown hits zero, it triggers a workflow:

  1. make changes to the session data, including setting the session’s end time to the current time
  2. reset the countdown
  3. restart the countdown, based on the value of the custom state containing the list of sessions

The start of the workflow should only be changing the first session:


And there are no instructions in the workflow to make changes to the custom state.

However, when the countdown hits zero, the countdown restarts, counting down to the next session, but the rest of the page says that that item is empty. If I then refresh the page, the countdown also stops working.

It seems that the workflow is updating the end time of all future sessions to now, even though the only session this should be happening to is the first one.

What am I doing wrong??!

Hmm, ok, so previously the workflow was set up to make changes to the period (and it determined which period, ultimately, from the custom state), but that was making changes in the database to all future, not yet started periods.

I have altered that to refer to the specific period by referring directly to the specific period in the custom state.


However, while it is showing the correct information on the page, it is not updating the information to the back end…

How can I update the database for the next session and only the next session??!


Ok, a partial solution, and a continued conundrum.

I got rid of the reset countdown instruction, and that has stopped it from changing the data on the full list of subsequent sessions. Now, it just changes the data on the current session and the next session.

Any thoughts on what is causing htis?

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