Need help with making personality quiz

Hi bubble community,
I’m a beginner and I need help making a personality quiz. I would also like to assign the quiz result to the current user and match them with other users with compatible personalities.

Any help is appreciated. And if possible, could you break it down into something digestible for a beginner like me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is a lot that would go into building this. Hopefully over the past few months you have made some progress.

I personally was going to do something like this for a past project, but decided against the project completely.

First thing I did was find the paper versions of personality tests. After that I put the test questions with inputs for answers onto a page. Then lots of custom states to store the answers quickly without needing to multiple workflows and D.B. changes as the user answers questions.

Some simple math that is performed based on the personality test instructions on how to score the test. After you get the results, save it as a D.B. data type. Then link the data type results to the user through a data field “user” that is of type “user”.

Your request for a break down of how to do it as an absolute beginner would require somebody to basically teach most of bubble. Learn the basics of how bubble functions while trying to build it, put some creative thought behind the execution of actions and you will get it done.

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