Need help with Parsing JSON text into a Bubble Data Structure

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to setup a backend workflow as described in this post. I’ve got Endpoint 1 detecting the payload from the webhook. My question is what action do I use to send the data from Endpoint 1 to Endpoint 2? The post mentions setting up a call using the API connector, however I’m not clear on how to do this. Looking forward to your tips and suggestions.

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Manage to get this working. If you are stuck on the same problem, this is how I managed to solve it.

  1. Setup both Endpoints.

  2. Setup a call (post) to the URL of Endpoint 2 using the API connector. Make sure to include Content-Type = application/json in the header.

  3. Tigger the above API call within Endpoint 1 workflow.

4.After initializing Endpoint 2, you will be able to use any part of the JSON from the payload as a thing in bubble.

How do you initialize the call? Can you provide more details? My payload is a list of json.

The first workflow is a webhook and responds when it receives a payload. The first workflow triggers the second workflow. Hope that clarifies things.

trying to implement this, I believe I have it all correct. But, I need my payload to be the gpt response. Where is the payload defined besides in the Body of the api connector call? Thank you