Need help with "Vehicle V.I.N, Models & Make" plugin

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I would love some help with the “Vehicle V.I.N, Models & Make” plugin…

I want the User to be able to enter their vehicles VIN, have the plugin decode the VIN, display the decoded vehicle information on screen and lastly store the information as a new vehicle to a list.

I’ve already figured out how to add the “Decode VIN” action to a button, which grabs the VIN from a User defined input. Where I’m having trouble is actually getting the results from that action to display in a Group, as well as storing those results as a “New Vehicle” under the User’s “Vehicle List”

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API’s are available on the internet for decoding, I’m also behind this

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Sorry for such a delayed answer!

If you already set the action for decoding you can add event create a new thing and assign the resulted data there. Here you can see an example
After, you can display the registered data in the repeating group. I hope this helps!

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There is not much on the web about this “Vin Decoder”.

I found an example that I copied from somewhere. Ya can enter the vin and it returns a large text of decoded info about that specific VIN.

I also see that I can store all that same running-on text of deciphered VIN data to the bubble back end. Also see that it can be stored per user. But……

Question: How would you go about separating all this VIN data into its own designated text box.

Send decoded vins value of model to model text box ….
Send make to make text box
Send year to year and so on a so forth.
Also send this same data and separate it into its own designated “label/text field” as you would see in a vehicle market place site.

Hi @scottsmith965, thanks for your message.

To place all information in designated boxes, it is required to apply related filtering to the available data calls.
For example, you can assign data call as a repeating group source:

and display data call details in each cell.

Hope the provided hint helps. If there will be any additional plugin-related questions, please let us know.

Zeroqode Support Team

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