Need Javascript and CSS expert

I have a feature I need for a mobile device.

This link demonstrates the feature I need

I need the page when on mobile device to stop scrolling when I show a floating group and to have the floating group take up the available space ignoring the ‘safe space’ issues on iOS.

I also have some custom CSS I have already implemented successfully that animates the floating group as I need it to slide up and slide down to open and close.

Do not suggest the site you host that showcases no-code developers
looking for somebody who knows javascript and can implement this in an hour or less, not somebody who is going to need to tinker


Good luck with that, Boston. I’d bet my car that one or more of them are going to reply at some point. No offense to them, of course, but the sheer number of them is getting a bit silly these days, especially when they all turn up in the same threads.


I have experience with JS and CSS, and I’m available for new work. I’ve got 4 plugins under this account and I’ve worked on several other plugins being released for others. That said, I’ve never completed anything under an hour (not without bugs anyways). I’m willing to help you and work together, but I think you have to adjust your expectations. It’s better to take the time to ensure something works right than having something done quickly.

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Thanks for the reply. I am not actually looking for a plugin to be built. Just want the functionality to be made on the page.

My expectations on the timing are based on my personal experience being a non-technical Bubble user and having success at taking existing code snippets to create custom CSS and some javascript functions.

My only issue with the code provided in the linked article is that I don’t have the patience to tinker since I don’t know javascript or CSS, but have been successful at creating javascript listener events in some of my apps using some code provided on the forum. I think my first attempt took me 15 minutes to get it right.

After looking at the code in the linked article, what is your assessment of how much time it would take a javascript expert to get it implemented on the page?


No worries.

Looking at the code, it doesn’t seem super complicated so I’d say a few hours depending on if everything goes smoothly. It’s using some WebKit stuff and in my experience that’s always finicky (not a lot of documentation).

Send me a DM and let’s get started :slight_smile: